MyanGate ERP

Myangate ERP solution allows the users real time access to the system.

This helps gated communities to reduce operational complexities and optimize costs by reducing time taken to manage.

This ERP will provide True Convenience in Community Living to Residents.


Accounting and Payments: Assures secure way of managing your accounts for all your maintenance and additional payments collection. A payment partner for your home and your community.


Collecting Dues: We know how troublesome money management can be in housing societies. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you. Society Administrator can now generate invoices. And circulate invoices amongst members just through a click. Member can NOW keep track of their payment with detailed breakdowns of each items via our app.


Help Desk: Society residents can have various issues - about elevators, water supply, and housekeeping. You can register your complaints or requests on the app. The concerned party is immediately notified about your complaint or requests and they can accordingly act on these issues. You can also get real-time access to the status of your complaints.


Vehicle/ Parking Management: Tracking of Vehicle wrongly parked inside the society is a very common issue faced in every housing societies. With the help of our app now track wrongly parked vehicles simply by entering the registered vehicle number in our app and get in touch with the vehicle-owner/in charge.


Amenities: No more hassle to fight over the use of facilities in your society. Enjoy common facilities at your time as per convenience. You can book any amenity in the society via our app. Easier way to book and use the common society facilities & amenities with just a click of button.