MyanGate Features

Community Social Network

An effective society management asks for transparent communication and decision making. Myangate, is a housing management application where you can easily discuss everything that matters with everyone or with the chosen committee members. Discuss, Plan and Act together.

Residents can contribute their thoughts and views by being a part of society discussions. Start or be a part of an ongoing discussions from anywhere.

They can get the instant notifications about the discussion to stay updated about views of other residents about ongoing discussions.

Easily view all the discussions on your feed at once. Participate in the ones you want to comment on. 

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Facility Management

Communicating about society affairs to all the society residents is a huge hassle for the management committee. Committee member can now use our app to make announcements or schedule meetings and also receive instant responses from members. Members can now be notified about society matters through our app.

Need a plumber, electrician or any other handyman or you want to raise a complaint? With the help of Myangate housing management application, raise a ticket from anywhere across the globe. The concerned person gets notified and you can track the status of your complaint or issue raised. Myangate ensures that your issue is heard and resolved timely.

Easily maintain and group different types of complaints and service requests. Notify the progress and provide action taken on complaint and service request with attach photos and comments. 


Manage Multiple Properties

Managing all Information related to your apartment can be a task. More so, if you have multiple properties or are living away from your Property, starting from Raising Maintenance Requests, Making Payments of Property Dues, Maintaining Accounts History to Managing Tenants' Data, Housing Management App - MyanGate makes it super easy to manage it all.

Helps maintain all Property and Tenancy related Documents in one place. Easy Sharing Options with other Members.

Note: This Feature will be available only if all the properties that you want to manage are under MyanGate.

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Bill Payments

Get maintenance, events and amenities payment direct in community / society bank account thorugh channelized payment process via our app and generate accounting and pending balance report in just one click. 

Myangate accounting solution provides you services like online bill Management system. Admin can generate maintenance bills of the resident members instantaneously and can send it to the members in just one click enabling members to easily pay their dues online.

-Generate maintenance bills online.

-Members can easily pay their maintenance bills.

-Get instant update once payments are made by members.

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Visitor & Vehicle Management

Society Guard records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. Get approval from resident only for new visitor and not disturb for visitor mark as “frequent”. Inform resident if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any member of society. 

Society can view and approve the parking request of the member, allotment history etc.

Manage parking and stop vehicle to do wrong parking will never be easy. Myangate provides easy way to manage reserved parking for vehicles and smart notification process for wrong parking. 


Amenity Booking

Allowing your residents to book amenities online takes the hassle out of it, and you are sure to see increase use of the facilities your community has to offer, which will translate into happier residents, and happier staff with efficient facilities/amenities booking management!

Myangate makes it easy for residents to book your amenities online! Save time by letting residents see availability at their convenience, instead of having to call or walk down the management office or front desk multiple times.

No need to maintain the booking register for community/society common premises. Our App manages available dates of premises, provide online booking service, auto calculate charges and also pay booking charges if applicable.

Residents can view the list of all facilities and real-time calendar to check availability and book.


They can pay for Bookings. Maintain history of all Bookings: Related Invoices, Receipts.